Gray Media was founded to help get you the best package of website services, without needlessly spending money on products that aren’t right for your business.

We firmly believe in getting the basics done right and building your web infrastructure at a speed and price suited to your business. We don’t believe in a “race to the bottom” in any industry so won’t be undercutting others to make a sale, but we definitely believe that your business needs aren’t the same as all of the other businesses that we meet.

Our goal is to provide you with a website, web hosting, domain names, and email addresses that fit your needs and will scale with you as you grow your business. We believe in using modern technologies, whilst not leaving you stranded on a bleeding-edge web technology that may not be around for the lifetime of your business.

Our Services

These are some of the services we provide on a day to day basis for our clients to help you build your business and start making money online.


Whangarei Shopify Specialist

Shopify Websites

We build websites to sell your products and we celebrate each sale that you make like it was one of our own.

Register domain names

Domain Names

We register domain names on your behalf and deal with DNS management so you don’t need to understand CNAME and A-records.

Google Email Setup

Email Setup

No one likes email problems. We’ve come up with a tried and true email setup that we recommend to all our clients and will help you set it up.

WordPress Website Hosting

WordPress Hosting

We’ve spent years working with different hosting platforms for WordPress websites. We’ve learned the lessons so you don’t have to.