Our website services help you get your business online affordably and easily. We focus on what we are best at while letting others do their specialist tasks.

Starting out in business can be tough. So many things to think about, so many different options to choose from. We have created a set of website services that we believe to be the most important things to have done and have done well. From somewhere to sell online with Shopify’s amazing eCommerce platform or Managed WordPress hosting to a domain name and nice reliable email we have got you covered.

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Shopify eCommerce Setup

We love nothing more than seeing our clients succeed in their businesses. Seeing you do it with one of our Shopify eCommerce websites is even more exciting, because you have measurable results that we can both celebrate. Seeing your success is what drives us, it’s the reason we get out of bed and the reason we take on your projects. We’ve watched many clients excel through their websites.

Learn more about getting a Shopify eCommerce website

Managed WordPress Hosting

We’ve been building and maintaining WordPress websites for over ten years now. During that time we’ve learned all the quirks of setting up a WordPress hosting environment and what makes life easier along with the things that make hosting a pain. We’ve taken these hard-learned lessons and sought out a hosting partner who we believe to be one of the best WordPress hosts in the business. Along with our hosting you will have access to our favourite premium WordPress plugins and a simple front-end builder theme.

Learn more about getting Managed WordPress Hosting

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Domain Names and Management

We have teamed up with our favourite Kiwi web company, Sitehost to bring you domain name registration with DNS management through Cloudflare. This means you don’t need to know what a nameserver, a cname record or an a-record is and you can just say “Hey, can you make my domain work with this service” and we sort it out for you.

Learn more about registering a domain name

Email Setup and Management

Email setup can be daunting and you can easily end up in a mess trying to work out which service to use, how to set up an MX-record, how to ensure that when you email someone your email won’t get routed to their spam folder and how to add additional inboxes when a staff member joins your team.

Learn more about getting your emails setup

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Google My Business Setup

Ever looked at one of those cards that comes up on the side of a Google search when you are searching for something and wondered how to get one of your own? We believe that having one of these is more important than having a website as a lot of people look at these for your location, contact details, and opening hours.

Learn more about getting Google My Business setup

DIY Website Services and Consulting

Wanting to save money on your website services? Don’t have the budget to pay someone else to do the whole job, but would love some advice to point you in the right direction so you end up with a solution that works for you? We are happy to have a sit down with you and help you put together an action plan, a series of steps to follow to get the most out of your new web presence and hopefully stop you from spending money in the wrong places. We can also set you up with web hosting and a WordPress install or a Shopify site for you to build out on your own and support you along the way.

For more information about a DIY or Consulting Package get in touch with us.

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